PPS Equipment

Internal Factory Pans


Stacker Boxes

Stacker boxes are used in many fish processing factories, and we source all types/sizes for our customers.  We will look to match customers’ existing equipment if this is what is needed, or find a specific box which is the right size for their factory line. If you call us on 01472 245554 we can take the details of what you may need.

Bale-Arm Crates

Our standard stack and nest bale-arm crates are the same style tray which supermarkets use to move huge volumes of fresh food through their supply chain. We have had many seafood customers use these also for, defrosting fish, freezing product and also to chill down seafood before packing. For more details about rental or purchase of bale-arm crates please call us on 01472 245554.

Nest & Stack boxes

PPS supply many types of nestable food grade plastic boxes, these are great for space saving. We are able to source many different type and sizes, so please call 01472 245554 for more details about what we have in stock.

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