PPS Equipment

Tubs and Bins

PPS East can supply various types of bulk tubs, bins and dolavs. Whether you need insulated, single-skinned, or one-piece tubs please call us to see what we have available. We can also get bins with wheels, collapsible sides and also lids to fit all.

Pallet Boxes

Pallet boxes are a great way to store and transport product, food and equipment. These bins either have free standing feet or ski type base for ease of forklifting.

Insulated Bins

PPS can supply two types of double-skinned insulated tubs; these are great for keeping product cold. Moulded as a one piece item these are great for rotating and tipping.

Wheeled Bins

Bins with wheels are ideal for inside factory areas, to move product, equipment or even laundry.

Please call or email with your requirements on 01472 245554 .

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