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Nestable Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallets - Nestable Plastic Pallet

Lightweight, durable pallets save space by nesting together when not in use.

Plastic Pallets is available in the following size:

Product Code: PPS6080LN. 

Size: 600x800x150mm.

Load capacity: 300kg (dynamic), 800kg (static).

Weight – 3.9kg.

Product Code: PPS1208LN

Size: 800x1200x120mm.

Load capacity: 800kg (dynamic), 800kg (static).

Weight – 5.6kg.

Product Code: PPS1210LN.

Size: 1000X1200X125mm.

Load capacity: 1000kg (dynamic), 1000kg (static).

Weight – 6.5kg.

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