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Returnable Packaging - Electronic Equipment

Returnable packaging
is becoming very important to the electronics sector as the advantages that it provides over single use packaging become clear.

More of our customers are changing to returnable plastic boxes to transport their high value products such as mobile phones, circuit boards and IT equipment. Therefore the boxes used within the supply chain are very important.

Benefits of returnable packaging

  • A cleaner and uncluttered working environment due to the removal of cardboard boxes littering the floor.
  • A better ordered and safer production area.
  • A reduction in packaging waste.
  • Improved inventory control due to box traceability.
  • The rigidity of the boxes protects the valuable goods.
  • The sealed plastic boxes protect from moisture and contamination.
  • The boxes are uniform in shape, size and weight making them ideal for an automated environment.
  • Reduction in carbon footprint.

Returnable packaging can benefit our customers with a reduced carbon footprint, important cost savings and a more efficient working environment.

Box Washing - Returnable Plastic Boxes

At PPS we are experienced in the washing of returnable plastic boxes for electronic equipment manufacturers, the boxes need to be washed after each use to prevent contamination. PPS can provide this service at its industrial wash facilities where we can wash plastic boxes and bins of varying dimensions plus plastic pallets.

Box Drying


Box drying is of upmost importance for this industry, the nature of the product means that the boxes need to be dry before they can be refilled with the new product to prevent damage. This is a service that can now be offered by PPS. We have recently invested in a brand new box drying facility at our Measham site. More companies are becoming aware of their environmental impact and wish to reduce their carbon footprint. PPS can help our electronic equipment manufacturers achieve this through our returnable packaging services.