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The Environment & RTP

PPS has the ethos of helping businesses to ‘grow their green credentials’ by reducing their supply chain packaging waste, and basing their product movements all around sustainability.  

A large proportion of food and retail manufacturing still use ‘single use’ packaging to receive their products, and this eventually needs to be disposed of or discarded – at a cost not only in financial terms but also in carbon emissions.

The use of plastic returnable packaging can help support our environment and our economy, whilst also improving best practices and significantly reducing waste.

Historically, financial motivation was one of the main drivers of returnable packaging  or reusable products. Now current environmental awareness is gradually changing attitudes and regulations, there seems to be more advantages to look at returnables.

The Advantages

  • Energy and raw material savings, as replacing many single use products with one reusable, reduces the number that needs to be manufactured.
  • Reduced disposal needs and costs.
  • Cost savings as a reusable product is likely to be cheaper than the many single use products it replaces.
  • Rental only as and when required
  • Secure and space saving stacking when in transit and storage
  • Nests or folds to save on return transport costs
  • Traceability
  • Operator comfort when handling
  • Weatherproof
  • Longevity and then can eventually be recycled after use 

Closed-loop programs

If a company is involved in the regular transportation of goods from a central manufacturing facility to warehouses or processors, there is considerable benefit to using returnable packaging or  “transport packaging” such as plastic crates, boxes or pallets.

The benefits of closed-loop reuse are primarily due to low additional transport costs being involved, the empty lorry returning with the empty crates.