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PPS Carbon Footprint Study

PPS believed there could be an improvement in companies’ carbon footprint when using returnable packaging so we hired the Humber Institute to measure this critical factor in the supply chain, particularly within the food sector.

Most food products are transported on boxes/pallets at some time during their life. These boxes are frequently manufactured from disposable materials that have a life expectancy of only one use. In today’s green economy the demand for reducing the environmental impacts is needed.

Due to the rising demands, industries are alternately looking for boxes that can be recycled or reused thereby reducing the number of boxes dumped into the landfills. PPS have recognised this rising potential in reusable boxes and have started applying environment in the supply chain.

PPS chose two specific single use packaging products and measured them against their equivalent returnable products. These two were a one-way trip cardboard box, typically used in the poultry or fresh produce areas and a single use expanded polystyrene (EPS) box used for transport of whole fish or fillets. Both were measured against returnable, nestable plastic crates and a plastic “fish box” (a plastic box with special drainage holes and a plastic lid) respectively.

The report helps in analysing the benefits of using plastic crates and the advantages of them over Cardboard/Polystyrene boxes (single usage boxes). The report highlights the carbon emissions that occur throughout the products life cycle from the manufacturing of the boxes until it has been recycled. By determining the carbon emissions the company can then act to further reduce it.

The use of 20kg plastic crates in comparison to Cardboard caused a saving of 52% and against polystyrene of 89%. These findings show that plastic crates are cost effective, durable and are eco friendly over one use packaging.

Carbon Footprint | RTE | Pallets, Cages, Dolavs, Crates & Boxes

52% Reduction in Carbon Emissions


Carbon Footprint

89% Reduction in Carbon Emissions

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PPS Carbon Footprint Study