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PPS East are supplying reusable salmon boxes and collapsible bins to UK & European salmon farms and processors for the transportation of whole salmon or fillets. Our reusable plastic salmon boxes are used by Scottish, Icelandic and Norwegian farms who realise that it is much more cost effective to use a reusable type of packaging to transport their fresh salmon compared with single trip expanded polystyrene boxes. These salmon companies are also using PPS returnable salmon crates for their internal loops from farm to processor or smoker. Returnable salmon boxes not only cost less per use, but they also eradicate polystyrene packaging waste and reduce the carbon footprint of the salmon.
PPS East salmon boxes are made from food grade HDPE, and are hygienically cleaned by PPS after every use to a BRC standard. Box inspection, swabbing and testing is carried out which can include monitoring for bacteria, salmonella, listeria and pseudomonas, so customers are safe in the knowledge that boxes are always sterilised effectively before re-use.

Stacking of full PPS salmon boxes

Once the salmon boxes are packed with product they can easily be stacked on a Euro pallet for transportation. Full boxes can even be stacked up to 30 salmon boxes per pallet.

A typical stacking example of full boxes could be:

  • 10 layers of salmon boxes
  • 3 boxes per layer
  • 30 boxes per pallet

Storage of empty PPS salmon boxes

Boxes are shrink wrapped and barcoded after receiving a BRC standard wash. Boxes are nested together and then stacked on to a euro pallet ready to be returned to salmon packing plants.
A typical stacking example of empty boxes for delivery to salmon farm could be:

  • 35 layers of salmon boxes
  • 3 boxes per layer
  • 105 boxes per pallet
Salmon box specifications
  • Dimensions (mm) - 800 x 400 x 225
  • Weight - 2.6 kg
  • Product Capacity - 25kgs

PPS East also supply collapsible and rigid bulk bins, these are also widely used for the transportation of whole salmon from farm to processor. Please call 01472 245554 for more information or contact us here for information about Salmon Box Rental

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