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Logistics and Destinations for PPS Returnable Packaging


PPS has built up a network of logistic and transport partners across the UK and through many countries in Europe.

We are providing our customers with ‘The Complete Package’ when it comes to our reusable boxes, trays, crates, tubs and pallets. We rent the equipment to businesses all over Europe, delivering plastic containers to them, collecting them after use, and then hygienically cleaning them at PPS owned wash sites. This process is being done all over the UK and Europe.  We are regularly supplying our products to the whole of the UK including up to the top of Scotland, across to Wales, down to the south of England, across the water to Iceland, Norway, France, Rep. Ireland, and many other countries.

Our service works alongside the quick and varied movements of our customers supply chain.

If you would like more information regarding where our Returnable Packaging can be supplied, and collected from, please give us a call on 01283 821502 for our Midlands site or 01472 245554 for Grimsby.


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Logistics & Destinations