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IceBox Company

We have recently grown our business by working with partners in Iceland to bring fresh fish into the UK and Europe in returnable fillet boxes.  Our Icelandic agents, IceBox Company ehf, are working under our instruction to supply returnable boxes into any area of Iceland, for fish producers who want to change to the environmentally friendly option.

IceBox’s Reykjavik warehouse and offices are staffed for the internal distribution, and customer service of PPS East’s returnable boxes.

UK & European Seafood Processors are now wanting an alternative to the predominately used expanded polystyrene boxes that they receive their fish in. Their supply chain waste can be a problem and the best option is to use returnable boxes.

We are supplying our plastic boxes to Icelandic producers at similar or lower prices to that of polystyrene.

We will provide enough boxes for any supply chain from Iceland into the UK & France. We already have boxes being delivered into Grimsby and Boulogne where we have the boxes hygienically washed ready to be sent back to Iceland.

We are initially supplying our 25kg and 15kg sized fish boxes for sea freight deliveries, but will also be introducing 2-3kg, 5-6kg & 12-15kg sealed boxes, which can be used for airfreight.

Icebox company icelandic agents for pps

IceBox Company
Skútuvogur 12c
104 Reykjavík
Tel: 00354  578 9797
00354 578 9798
Mobile: 00354 694 5300
Email: vidir@icebox.is or bjorn@icebox.is

IceBox Company