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PPS Applaud Top Chefs Letter to London Mayor

Joanne Moss, Managing Director of PPS this week applauded the move to send an open letter to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan calling for a ban on the use of all polystyrene packaging in London.
Joanne said: “The continued use of single use packaging, especially polystyrene continues to be a huge cause for concern in a country with such huge manufacturing capabilities.  Despite the rise of the availability of alternative forms of packaging which are not only safe and hygienic but also help businesses lower their carbon footprint and save money, so many companies are still not making the switch.
“At PPS we’re working hard to educate retailers and manufacturers on the alternatives available to them.  We know that the question of packaging and how much material is being sent to landfill is an issue that is not going to go away soon so it’s important businesses look into the quick and simple changes they can be making right now.
“We want to encourage businesses to consider every aspect of their supply chain.  At PPS our experience in providing reusable, returnable packaging means we are able to offer advice on what would work best for a business and help them manage the supply and return – making it as easy as possible.
“We want to send a message to businesses that it’s not impossible to find alternatives to polystyrene and cardboard use in the supply chain and would urge those still using these older methods to look into the alternatives.”


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