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PPS Are Making Waves

Returnable Packaging Specialists PPS continue to set the standard with their continued investment in modern machinery. The latest addition to their wash fleet is a brand new custom built bulk bin washer which has been installed by Industrial Wash Machines at the Midlands BRC approved site near Uttoxeter. The new machine sits proudly next to the company’s existing wash lines which include two twin lane crate wash machines and a pallet wash line. The bulk bin wash machine will enable PPS to service their own pool of pallet boxes and offer this service to customers with their own pools of equipment, moving away from the previous industrial wash methods. 

The innovative design has created a machine with twin wash capacities and the ability to also clean lids. The powerful jets combined with the same cleaning chemical used to service the crate wash line cleans the bins before rinsing with a combination of water and sanitiser, all to food safe standards. The excess water emitted is recycled back into the water tank before being filtered for reuse. The state of the art control panel and monitoring system allows PPS to control and review the energy and water consumption. 
Bulk bins come in a variety of sizes and with varied characteristics, PPS have designed a versatile machine to ensure it can service Dolavs, pallet boxes, Magnums and IBC’s whether solid, vented, collapsible, short or tall. 
“As service demands continue to grow it is essential that we invest in efficient machinery to meet current and future demands. We’re delighted with the installation and feel it’s a real asset to the fleet. In the next few months an identical machine will be installed at our site in Grimsby. We are always looking for ways to expand our service and continue to be the one stop solution for returnable packaging,” commented Joanne Moss, Managing Director.
To speak to PPS about bulk bin washing call 01283 821 502.


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