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Repair and reuse saves thousands for meat and poultry processor

When BHJ, leading collector of processing and distributing meat, poultry and fish products started developing equipment graveyards they contacted returnable packaging service provider PPS to optimise a solution for repairing and maintaining their bulk bin pool. BHJ who own their own pallet boxes had started to see units no longer fit for purpose. It was key for a plan to be developed that could keep the BHJ supply chain in process as the bins are essential for daily movements. Having these bins out of play will disrupt traffic between sites and delay production. BHJ needed a solution to maximise the return on repairs and for the units to be clean and ready to use again when leaving PPS.

When reviewing the equipment, typical damage to the pallet boxes was forklift punctures and damaged skids/ footings. With their experience, PPS were able to recommend a repair and wash cycle that would save BHJ outlaying additional capital expenditure to purchase new units. 
The donor repair system maximises the return by using the beyond repair units for spare parts, whether that be feet, side panels or Dolav locators. PPS also hold a supply of spare parts which are used when there are no suitable donor pieces. Once repaired the units are sent for wash in the BRC approved facility, removing any debris and ensuring they are clean and ready to use. 
89% of pallet boxes saved
77% cost saving by repairing and washing against purchasing new pallet boxes*
Over £50,000 saved in 2016
This cycle allows BHJ to collect damaged bins from one site, deliver to PPS and collect the repaired and washed kit to distribute straight back into their supply chain without them being returned to head office for redistribution. It also supports BHJ’s long term sustainability plan to utilise resources while avoiding waste. Units that can’t be saved are then recycled and processed back into buckets, crates and other plastic items.
*Subject the model of the new bulk bin purchased. 


Bulk bin repair
Typical damage