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Dolly rental

Move your crates with efficiency

Reusable plastic crates have efficient functions of their own when it comes to storing and transporting produce, but what about the handling of the actual crate. Not only can you eliminate health and safety dangers by letting the dolly do all the heavy work, you can move multiple crates at the same time. 

Green Supply Chain

Start the year as you mean to go on.

It’s never too late to start building a greener supply chain and what better excuse than a New Year to make the change from single trip packaging such as cardboard and polystyrene to returnable transit packaging.  

Dolav repairs

Local company extends life of their RTP through repairs at PPS.

Stafford Bye Products, a division of Shropshire Wholesale Meat Co. has extended the life of their Dolav fleet by appointing PPS to repair the damages. Over time the units had become unsafe to use within the supply chain, and due to the nature of the contents being stored and transported it was essential to ensure the Dolavs were made solid and watertight again.  

Returnable Packaging

Returnable Transit Packaging in the Food Industry

Joanne Moss, MD of PPS recently had the pleasure of speaking to the Food Manufacture 

Hygienic washing

Dont have a go and risk your reputation

Is it worth risking your reputation by sending your valuable products to customers in unhygienic equipment? We would say most certainly not.  

Returnable Fish Packaging

PPS Opens New Grimsby Site

The company offers the delivery, collection, asset tracking, washing, rental and repair of returnable equipment, including fish boxes. With the opening of the new site, PPS will be expanding its services even further. 

Returnable Packaging

PPS Introduces Alison Handling Services

Having recently acquired Alison Handling Services, leading service provider of returnable transit packaging PPS are delighted to introduce the UK’s largest independent stockist of reusable equipment. 

Reusable Packaging

Recycling and Resource Efficiency and the Effects on UK Businesses

With the world’s current linear model of production, consumption and disposal, the world is fast reaching its physical limits. At the current rate of expansion, it is estimated that by 2050 we will need three worlds worth of resources to fulfil the population’s needs. A great change needs to be made in order to ensure a sustainable future and steer away from a complete depletion of natural resources.