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Crate Hire

Crate Hire - Short or Long Term Crate Rental for Office Moves or Business Relocation


Crate hire from PPS provides customers with a flexible efficient service for their office relocation. 

Our plastic crates can be ordered online and will arrive with you clean and ready to pack.  The hired crates are available for long or short term rentals and will then be collected on the arranged date.

Crate hire is considerably cheaper than purchasing crates or cardboard boxes, while still allowing flexibility to your business needs and eliminating the cost and inconvenience of storing crates when they’re not in use or disposing of the boxes.

Alongside crate hire PPS can provide handling and packaging equipment to aid your move. We provide sack barrows and dollies to move the crates safely and bubble wrap and labels to protect your goods and make your move more efficient.

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Crate Hire