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Removal Crates

Removal Crates

Rent or Hire Removal Crate for your Office Move or Business Relocation

At PPS we provide an extensive range of removal crates which are available to hire for professional business moves and refurbishments.

All our removal crates are durable and have attached lids to protect the contents. Alongside our standard removal crates we also provide specialist computer crates and metre long crates to meet all your removal needs.

Benefits of plastic removal crates

  • They are reusable making them more environmentally friendly
  • Plastic removal crates are much more durable and stronger than cardboard boxes providing greater protection for your goods, allowing a wider variety of items to be transported.
  • They are weatherproof providing greater protection.
  • Plastic removal crates are stackable when full making them easy to transport.
  • PPS provides moving equipment to be used alongside the plastic crates such as sack barrows to encourage safe handling and easy transportation.
  • The plastic removal crates are nestable when empty saving on valuable storage space.
  • The economic rental costs make them a perfect option, you only pay for the crates when you need them.

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Removal Crates for Office Moves
Removal Crates for Office Moves or Business Relocation
Removal Crates