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Cleaning Pallets, Crate Washing, Tote Box Washing

Pallet Washing Services

Cleaning Pallets, Crate Washing, Tote Box Washing

PPS has its own wash plant at both our Measham and Grimsby sites, where we wash all our own returnable transit equipment (RTE), used in our rental pools - i.e. plastic crates, boxes, pallets, tote boxes and bulk bins.

Crate Washing, Cleaning Pallets, Plastic Crate Cleaning, Tray Washing, Tote Boxes and Bulk Bin Washing to the highest standards and return all crates, pallets, trays and bins in pristine condition.


Some of our equipment is returned to us in a very soiled condition – engrained animal fats, blood or other proteins, as well as with labels still attached. So, we specified the machine to the highest cleansing standards to ensure we comply with HACCP related monitoring of processing equipment, surfaces and water samples. Swab tests are carried out throughout each shift via a Hygiene Monitoring Device. The Primary Function of the site is to wash our own equipment.

On specifying the requirements that are needed to be met. PPS looked at the range of possible products we could be asked to wash. The specific requirements of PPS EM obviously topped this list – i.e. nestable plastic crates and plastic pallets. PPS Wash provide a Pallet Washing service which includes washing and cleaning pallets and returning them in top condition.

Pallets, Crates & Containers

These products are standard and represent by far and away the largest portion of RTE that would require repeated pallet washing. However we recognised that there was a significant market for a contract cleaning pallets and washing of other plastic crates or containers.

If you would like more information about our cleaning pallets service, plastic crate cleaning, plastic pallets cleaning, crates, containers, tote boxes and trays please contact us. You will be asked to provide the details of equipment for washing to ensure that the dimensions are suitable.

We Can Offer Wash Capacity For Any of the Following:



We Offer Maximum Flexibility for Customers:

We offer long - short term contract Crate Washing, Cleaning Pallets and Tray Washing for both small businesses and large businesses as well.

  • Long - medium or short-term contracts
  • Seasonal demands
  • Production spikes
  • Ad hoc or one-off washes
  • Emergency pallet wash in case of your own wash machine breakdown


Visit Our Pallet, Tray Washing & Tote Box Washing Site

We at PPS would welcome any customer or potential client to contact us to arrange a visit to our tray washing site to inspect our facilities and to discuss their individual requirements with our Operations Manager.

We furthermore encourage potential customers to see a working trial wash of their own product. The client brings along his own product in such condition that it would normally be delivered to us for cleaning.

The product is then physically processed through the wash facility, watched by the client and is subsequently inspected after washing at the “clean end” of the wash line.

To Find Out More:

Click here to view our products, or to discuss your plastic crate cleaning requirements please call us on 01530 515 333 or Email: enquiries@ppsequipment.co.uk

Pallet Washing Services