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Plastic Pallets, Plastic Pallet Boxes - Repair & Maintenance

Plastic Pallet Boxes

Plastic Pallet Boxes, Plastic Pallets

Purchase, rent service & repair of plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes

We have a large selection of different plastic pallets and other pallets made from a variation of materials including wood and metal. We have a selection of wooden pallets made from strong timber, which are used to transport a variety of products. In fact, our wood pallets are available in many different shapes and sizes.

For a waterproof and potentially more versatile solution, our plastic pallets and plastic pallet boxes come in many colours and designs for better organisation of products. If you require more heavy duty storage and transport, perhaps for pharmaceutical goods, we have wood pallets & used plastic pallets for hire or purchase. Additionally, our wire mesh roll cages can store large numbers of goods whilst keeping them securely stored.

Plastic Storage Boxes 

Plastic storage boxes are strong, durable and hardwearing. They are lightweight enough to carry around and stack but sturdy enough to hold items of multiple sizes and weights. Plastic containers are similar to plastic storage boxes in their structure but come in a much bigger range of sizes and capacities. Plastic pallets and containers will keep items dry and secure, and all containers can be stacked for easy and neat storage.

Plastic Pallet Repair & Maintenance 

PPS Midlands Ltd is a specialist company that also provides a comprehensive equipment repair service for plastic pallets and storage boxes.

We can also supply you with used plastic pallet boxes.

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Plastic Pallet Boxes