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PPS East was established over 27 years ago and originally situated on the Grimsby Docks - which was then an ideal place, as the Grimsby fish auction market was at its busiest. The business was at that time called TFA Box Company, and provided the local fishing industry, and Humber fish auction markets with rented plastic boxes to pack and transport fresh fish.


In 2009, the business was acquired by the current shareholders, and had out grown its premises so a move to a new facility was needed. The PPS East factory now houses its new state-of-the-art wash facility on Estate Road 2, in Grimsby.

Central to the business then, as it is now, is a system which allows local fish and food production businesses to hire a range of plastic returnable containers and pallets from us, and once used, either at their premises or those of their customers, we arrange collection for hygienic washing.

Why PPS East?

We boast BRC accreditation in Storage and Distribution, which of course is essential in attracting major blue chip clients. Due to the considerable expansion of the overall operation and the greatly improved facilities we are in discussions with many sectors of the food industry regarding our services linked to returnable transit packaging and washing of food use equipment.

The location of our Grimsby site allows ease for transport companies to move through the main trade routes from the Lincolnshire and Humber regions, and into Grimsby where 70% of the UK’s seafood is processed. At this site we have sufficient space for expansion programmes which are always taking place.

There are two separate washing units; these are dedicated to Fish and Non-Fish (other food types). Both areas have crate and tray washing lines, a bulk bin washer and a plastic pallet washer. We are able to clean smoking racks, filters, spacers, trays and all types of food use containers. We swab test on site and also send swabs to independent laboratories for additional checking. All containers are QA’d, palletised and shrink wrapped after washing.

We are the only private returnable packaging dedicated wash site in Lincolnshire, and are happy to provide our customers with any returnable container solution, whether it is small trays, tote boxes, bulk bins, poultry crates, salmon tubs, vegetable baskets, plastic pallets, dollies or collapsible bins - we can sterilise, wash and provide most equipment.

We also provide a service of collection and washing for customers who need their own internal equipment cleaning.


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