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Refresh, Reseal and Reuse Your Supply Chain Packaging 

Re-Fresh Fish Boxes

Re-Fresh box is a brand new efficient reusable hygienic plastic tray, for full supply chain distribution of fresh fish & seafood including leak proof lid - with ease of fitting and removal.
Re-Fresh boxes and their lids come in 3kg & 6kg volume sizes. They can either be rented or purchased from PPS, with logistic, traceability and hygienic washing solutions also available.
Both sized boxes have the same footprint dimensions, but differing heights so when stacked, two 3kg boxes equal the height of one 6kg box. This is great for a mixed pallet of differing volumes and maximises load.
Boxes have re-sealable lids that can be used over & over, this patent pending design is new to the market! The lids form a tight seal, ensuring the boxes are leak proof - which is great for transportation and delivery into retail stores.
The Re-Fresh box has been specifically manufactured to be reused in a typical seafood supply chain for up to 10 years, and then can be 100% recycled after use. Full Re-Fresh carbon footprint and waste reduction figures (versus one-use seafood packaging) will be published soon.
The boxes are extremely strong, and their multi-stack/nest capability helps fish suppliers to maximise their product on every pallet without fear of damage of product.

Dimensions with lid:

3kg – L 400x W 300x H 88mm
6kg – L 400x W 300x H 162mm
Weight of tray + lid:

3kg - 0.83kg
6kg – 1.0kg
Material of tray + lid:

Food Grade High Impact Copolymer Polypropylene
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Click here to download a structural analysis of our Re-fresh Fish Box.


Re-Fresh Fish Boxes

Re-Fresh Box