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Pallet and Box Pooling

Pallet Pooling & Box Pooling

Pallet and box pooling is simple and cost effective making it an increasingly popular method for managing and distributing products within the supply chain.

Once the customer has decided which type of transit equipment, be it pallet pooling, crate rental, crate hire or tray rental etc., PPS will put together a pallet pooling or rental package tailored to their exact requirements.

If clients already own their own pallet equipment, PPS will provide management services, tracking and washing as required, to ensure the clients are getting the best possible return on their investment.

Pallet Pooling & Box Pooling Benefits

Pallet pooling is a great way for your company to help save money, operate more efficiently and help cut your environmental impact when transporting your goods.

The Problem of Running Your Own Pallet and Box Fleet

If you currently run your own fleet of pallets, or are considering buying a pallet fleet, you are probably aware of the big problems. They are:

  • The cost of buying your fleet
  • The cost of managing your fleet
  • The cost of maintaining your fleet
  • The cost of storing your fleet
  • The problems of fluctuating demand on the amount of pallets you need
  • The cost upgrading of your fleet inline with technological developments

This can add up to a lot of expense and work, just to look after your pallets, when you should be focusing on growing and running your core business.

How Pallet Pooling Solves All These Problems

If you decide to use a pallet and box hire service instead, then many of the problems listed above with running your own pallet fleet disappear.

With a pallet and box pooling service you simply rent the number and type of reusable pallets, crates and other transportation products you need from a company for the time that you need them. The pallet pooling company can then handle all the delivery, tracking, collection, maintenance and storage of the equipment, so you can get on with your business.

By switching to a pallet pooling service and removing the need for you to fund and manage your own rental fleet, you will find you’re able to better streamline your supply chain, cut all the costs associated with owning pallets, and be able to easily adapt to increases and decreases in pallet demand or type of pallets needed.

Pallet Pooling - Management and Tracking

As part of its pooling operations, PPS uses its own tracking system to monitor the location of all their returnable transit equipment. Enable is a proprietary PPS software package developed specifically to meet the demands of not only the provider of services - in this case equipement management services - but also of the recipients of those services. Very simple to use, yet very effective in identifing locations of all pool equipment.

Online Equipment Management & Tracking

Customers can access and monitor the precise location of all transit equipment using Enable PPS' web-based tracking system.

Click Here to Enter Enable Online Tracking

Input of data can be integrated with customers own software systems or can be input directly via the PPS website. The success of PPS lies in the efficient management of equipment. Our expertise in this field coupled with our tracking sytems enables us to minimise equipment losses. Our ethos is to robustly pursue every path to retrieval of equipment, thus offering the customer what we feel to be the most comprehensive management package in the industry, making PPS the market leader in RTE systems. 

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Pallet and Box Pooling