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Plastic Crates

Plastic Crates for Rent, Hire or to Buy

PPS supply our customers with a wide range of plastic crates to buy, rent or hire.

As part of our returnable equipment services we also offer plastic crate washing at one of our BRC accredited wash plants. The plastic crates are all made from strong durable plastic and are able to withstand the rigours of any supply chain or commercial relocation.

Each type of plastic crate is designed to nest one inside the other when empty and to stack when filled. The attached lids on the plastic crates make them weatherproof providing extra protection for the contents.

Benefits of plastic crates:

  • Plastic crates are reusable making them more environmentally friendly
  • Plastic crates are nestable when empty saving on valuable storage space.
  • Plastic crates are weatherproof providing greater protection.
  • Plastic crates are stackable when full making them easy to transport.

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Plastic Crates