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Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets & Pallet Pooling

Plastic pallets provide a cost effective and hygienic solution to your storage and transportation needs.

Plastic Pallets are becoming more and more popular as people understand the benefits as well as the reduction in your carbon footprint created by switching from wooden pallets.

Plastic Pallets - The Benefits:

  • Durability. Plastic Pallets won’t splinter and cause a safety hazard or damage goods.
  • Plastic Pallets are cost efficient.
  • Pallet Pooling - Pooling Plastic Pallets  from PPS provides economic rental costs resulting in no capital expenditure being required for purchasing pallets
  • Longer life cycle with plastic pallets
  • Consistent in size, weight and shape making them ideal for an automated environment.
  • Plastic pallets are Hygienic and washable.
  • Trackable using Enable PPS’s online asset tracking system.
  • Light weight export plastic pallets minimise shipment costs.

At PPS we can supply a variety of different plastic pallets on a rental or purchase basis.  The PPS pool pallets are durable plastic pallets with an anti-slip surface which is ideal for many industries particularly food.  We also have euro sized pallets, heavy duty pallets, and light weight export pallets available to rent or purchase.

We offer our customers a range of plastic pallets services.  We can rent / pool plastic pallets as well as wash them at one of our state-of-the-art wash plants and repair them at our designated repair facility.  This allows our customers to focus on their core business whilst PPS concentrates on the pallets.

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Plastic Pallets