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Roll Cages

Roll Cages - New & Used Roll Cages

Recently Roll cages have found a place in a very varied cross-section of industries, from the food sector, retail, pharmaceuticals, health care, logistics and many more.

Roll cages have the advantage that they are relatively low-cost, easily maneuverable (even when full) and to a degree, they can be repaired when damaged.

PPS supplies a wide cross-section of businesses with a number of different roll cages.

So, what are the options when choosing your roll cages? Typically the variety extends to the following criteria:

As well as these standard construction dynamics, PPS can arrange that the roll cages can be:

  • Spray-painted or powder coated
  • RFID tagged
  • Name plates or other identification plates can be provided

Other customization parameters can be provided.

Although generally considered a relatively low-cost product there are still occasions where the client is looking for something even more cost-effective. So, with this in mind, PPS can now offer second-hand roll cages (although supply is dependent on sufficient second-hand stock being available). Although second-hand these roll cages have usually been partly or wholly re-furbished and so will provide a reliable product for the transport or storage of a large variety of goods.

Roll Cages Repair & Maintenance

PPS also offer roll cages repair & maintenance. For optimum efficiency and long term benefits of a comprehensive on-going roll cage repair and roll cage maintenance programme. Regular maintenance not only ensures Health and Safety issues are covered but also equipment is not subject to down time.

We offer an on-site or off-site repair service. We have a National fleet of highly equipped service vans, large amount of spare part's in permanent stock. Our experienced and fully trained engineers follow full Health and Safety Procedures, inc. Risk Assessment

Roll Cages - PPS Meets all your needs

PPS therefore can answer all your roll cages needs – not only will they sell you roll cages, they can also provide a roll cage hire service and refurbishment programmes. PPS is a specialist company for returnable transit equipment (RTE) who will not only either sell or rent out RTE but will manage such equipment, be it their own or belonging to their clients. In other words PPS will not only supply your equipment needs but can arrange its collection, refurbishment and re-distribution within pool rental schemes.

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Roll Cages