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What is Total Equipment Solutions

Total Equipment Solutions

Total Equipment Solutions allows our customers to outsource the management and supply of their returnable transit equipment. This lets them focus on their core business, providing a more efficient supply chain as well as cost savings.

The services included are listed below:

Supply - We deliver the equipment that you require when and where you need it. You can then fill the equipment with your goods and supply it to your customer.

Hire - You rent the volumes of equipment that you require. At PPS we keep sufficient levels of equipment in stock to allow you to meet seasonal and peak demands.

Collect - When the equipment has been used by your customers PPS arranges a collection and returns it to one of our state-of-the-art wash facilities.

Wash - The equipment is then washed to food industry standards and repaired where necessary. The equipment is then ready to be reused.

Track & Trace - Our equipment can be traced using our online asset tracking system.  The location and volume of equipment at your site and that of third parties is uploaded onto the system.

This is all provided for one price per dispatch.

For more information on how total equipment solutions could work for you please contact us.

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What is Total Equipment Solutions