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Rental Plastic Trays, Plastic Crates, Wire Mesh Containers, Dolavs

Trays Cages & Crates

Rental of Plastic Trays, Crates, Wire Mesh Containers, Dolavs

Plastic crates, plastic trays, wire containers and truck roll cages transport solutions are all great for transporting all types of goods to industries, factories, wholsalers and retail warehouses all over the country. Find out more about our products below and view our order page to buy online.

Mesh Containers & Wire Mesh Cages

Our truck roll cages & wire containers are tremendously durable and are avaialble in many different sizes and shapes. Great for transporting heavy goods in vast quantities securely and safely, a truck roll cage makes moving goods around large areas a much easier task.

The company has recently moved away from its long-standing policy of “plastic only” to offering wire mesh containers in its product portfolio.

These containers are collapsible which means users benefit from more efficient transport costs, and space saving within the workplace. End users may be in the retail, logistics, warehousing or any other industrial sector.

David Peggie, one of PPS’ Directors recently made a trip to China to discuss supply of the wire mesh containers with a number of manufacturers and subsequently a partner was chosen to supply PPS with wire mesh cages and roll cages as well.

PPS specialises in the rental, management and washing of returnable transit packaging and over the past six years they have been providing services to a number of blue chip companies, mainly in the food sectors. The company has noticed that over the past year or so, there is a growing demand for durable and economic alternatives to disposable packaging and they are offering a range of products to satisfy this requirement and stress their green credentials.

The wire mesh cages can be supplied in a number of dimensions, but PPS has found that the most popular size in the UK is a cage measuring 1200 x 1000 x1000mm although, subject to quantity, custom designs are available.

Cages, which fold flat when not in use, are manufactured from steel rod mesh and come complete with an ntegral base. The most commonly used models have a 1/2 drop gate on one side although second or third gates are also available.

These wire mesh cages are extremely robust, they can be repaired (recycled) and are normally utilized in heavy duty applications.

PPS mainly sells new equipment, but depending on prevailing marketing conditions, from time to time stocks of second-hand cages become available and in such cases the company provides information on its website.

PPS supplies wire mesh cages (often referred to as Hypacages) either on a direct sales basis both new and second hand, and also on a rental basis. The company manages such equipment for its clients, whether it is they or the client who owns the products; so a package may include supply of cages, collection from third parties, repairs where necessary and overall management of the pool of equipment.

Due to a steadily increasing demand for their services in returnable transit packaging, PPS is currently looking at expansion programmes which may mean additional operational sites both in Scotland and East Yorkshire.

Plastic Trays & Food Trays

We have a wide selection plastic trays and food trays for transporting goods with care to their destination. They are stackable, durable and are a very cost-effective method of transporting goods. Buy food trays and plastic trays from our online ordering service.

Plastic Crates & Food Crates

Our plastic crates and food crates are ventilated for cooling of foodstuffs that may be transported. Additionally our food crates are capable of being stacked and handled very easily due to their excellent design. Plastic crates also come in a variety of colours should you want to categorise different deliveries of goods.


In aluminium and steel varieties, dollies are light and easily transportable alternative to standard pallets. The inclusion of wheels and pull chords on dollies make them much easier to move around, partiuclarly in industrial areas where local transportation is fundamental.


Dolavs are a flexible alternative to standard pallets and crates that can be broken apart and reattached to allow different storage solutions for different types of goods. Being equally stackable and durable as other storage and transport solutions, dolavs are a sound choice for transporters.

Trays Cages & Crates