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About Us

PPS - Plastic Packaging Solutions

PPS as a group has been providing returnable plastic packaging and container solutions for over a decade.  

PPS Midlands Ltd, previously PPS Equipment Management Ltd is based in Marchington, and was set up originally as a plastic pallet pooling business in 2002. As our product range grew to include bale-arm trays, tote boxes, roll cages, pallet boxes and removal crates, the business expanded into the rental and hygienic washing of various types of equipment.

PPS East Ltd, based in Grimsby, and established in 1986, supplied and washed plastic fish boxes for the Humber fish auction markets, and the many fishing trawlers which landed fish at the famous port. Since then it has relocated from the fish dock area, and grown into an integral part of the local seafood processing community by renting various sized reusable fish and salmon boxes, bins, pallets and tubs to customers. The business also supplies, collects and hygienically cleans fish boxes for the Grimsby fish auction market, local fish merchants, and for large retail seafood suppliers.

Did you know?
The abbreviation PPS, actually stands for - Plastic Packaging Solutions

The Complete Package!

Our ‘Complete Package’ includes the rental of the returnable packaging, management of the equipment pool by means of our proprietary online asset tracking system Enable and collection of used returnable equipment from third parties to be washed and then returned to the rental pool.

At present we have two BRC accredited modern and hygienic wash plants, one in the Midlands and another in North East Lincolnshire for the cleaning of all of our own returnable packaging. We also wash customers own plastic bulk packaging on contractual or ad hoc basis.  

We are working with, and helping our customers replace one trip solutions such as cardboard boxes in the meat and fresh produce sectors, and expanded polystyrene boxes in the seafood industry.

How We Can Help Your Business?

Hiring PPS’s reusable plastic packaging is convenient and pain-free. We take the responsibility for retrieving equipment such as plastic crates, trays, boxes and pallets from third parties, ensure they meet hygiene standards and then return it. All our clients have seen cost savings, and while we acknowledge you want to be seen improving your waste and carbon emissions, you also want to know using returnable transit packaging is cost-effective.

About Us