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Our state-of-the-art wash facility provides the highest quality clean for all types of returnable transit packaging. The twin-track, high pressure wash line can accommodate trays, crates and tote boxes of varying size and provides a superior label removal, ensuring you receive clean equipment free of labels from previous transport.


Our high quality, bespoke wash line is accompanied by a dedicated pallet washing machine and bulk bin washing facility, as well as an industrial wash option for heavily soiled equipment.

With our ‘AA’ BRC accreditation in Storage and Distribution, PPS operates a strict hygiene program including swab tests which are carried out regularly throughout the day to ensure cleanliness. All equipment is then shrink-wrapped after washing before being returned to the customer ready for use.

With Returnable Transit Packaging washing sites located across the UK we’re able to provide an industry-leading wash service that is efficient and flexible, whether it is part of a complete pooling service or a standalone solution.

So if you need crate washing, tray washing, pallet washing or pallet box washing, our rigorous wash and dry process provides a number of benefits. Accessing a continuous supply of clean, hygienic equipment with PPS is efficient, easy and affordable.

If you’re a company looking to take advantage of our expert Washing Solutions, contact us on 01283 821 502 to see how we can help you.

Tray Washing
PPS provide an industry leading tray washing service that ensures trays are returned to you cleaned to the highest standards, fresh and ready to reuse.
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Pallet Washing
As part of our Returnable Transit Packaging services, PPS offer a high-quality pallet washing service via our dedicated pallet washing machines at our BRC accredited wash plants.
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Dolav & Bin Washing
Dolavs and large bins are often used in demanding environments, which means they require expert washing to ensure they are clean and ready for re-use.
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Fish Box Washing
PPS have been a dedicated supplier to the fishing industry for over three decades, with our famous fish boxes used out at sea and on land every day.
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Crate Washing Facilities
PPS have two crate washing sites located in the UK allowing us to provide nationwide coverage. Both of our crate washing sites are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that ensure your crates are washed to the required standard for all industries.
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