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Crate Washing

PPS have two crate washing sites located in the UK allowing us to provide nationwide coverage. Both of our crate washing sites are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities that ensure your crates are washed to the required standard for all industries, including meeting food hygiene standards.

Our thorough crate washing process has been developed through years of industry expertise to meet the increasing demand of a large range of customers. This means removing all remnants of soiling and dirt accumulated during use and transportation through the supply chain.

Following the washing procedure, the crates go through a rigorous quality control process including inspection via our high-definition camera. This allows us to identify any remaining soiling at a level the supersedes the human eye, ensuring you don’t have to worry about hygiene concerns when the crates are returned.

Using PPS’s expertise means you avoid the maintenance costs and hygiene due-diligence concerns of undertaking crate washing yourself; whether you take a full service including rental and/or pooling or just a stand-alone crate washing service we can provide a service tailored to your specific requirements allowing you to focus on your core business.


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