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Fish Box Washing

PPS have been a dedicated supplier to the fishing industry for over three decades, with our famous fish boxes used out at sea and on land every day. It is this experience that has helped us to develop an industry-leading wash service for a variety of fish boxes and trays.

Our thorough fish box washing process takes place at our dedicated wash site in Grimsby to ensure contamination is avoided, and has been developed over a number of years to meet the increasing demands of the fishing industry, where fish boxes require a unique clean to ensure the removal of all soiling, ready be re-used for the next fresh catch.

The rigorous fish box washing and inspection process at our BRC accredited wash sites ensure your fish boxes return clean and hygienic, ensuring there is no compromise in the quality of your goods as they go from the sea to the customer.

We provide fish boxes to a number of customers, from fisherman to fish processors to supermarkets, so if you’re looking for a fish box washing service you can rely on call the experts on 01283 821 502.


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