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Our Pallet Pooling service provides a simple and cost-effective way of accessing a large quantity of Returnable Transit Packaging, making it an increasingly popular method for managing and distributing products within the supply chain.

Pallet Pooling Service

At PPS, we appreciate that your products are likely to need to travel to a third-party destination. As such, we offer a pooling system which enables you to use our trays for your distribution. PPS will then liaise with the third party to retrieve the trays, clean them and return them to you ready to repeat the process seamlessly.

Furthermore, the whole process is managed with our easy-to-use, bespoke management system, Enable, making tray management easy and allowing you to focus on your core business.

How Our Pallet Pooling System Works

  1. Returnable equipment is delivered to your location(s) in the quantities required.
  2. The equipment is used by you to send your products to end users.
  3. Used equipment is then collected from your end user.
  4. We wash the used equipment to the highest standards at one of our advanced wash facilities.
  5. Assets are returned to you clean and ready to reuse.
  6. The whole process is tracked and recorded on our bespoke asset management system, Enable, making the operation as seamless as possible while ensuring your balances are correct.
  7. Dedicated Account Management will make sure losses are prevented throughout.

Benefits of Pallet Pooling

Pallet pooling is a great way for your company to help save money, operate more efficiently and help cut your environmental impact when transporting your goods.

Reduce costs
Negate the capital expenditure of purchasing your own equipment and utilise our expertise to ensure your pooling costs are kept to a minimum.

We clean to the highest standards, as evidenced by our ‘AA’ ratings from the BRC, meaning you don’t need to worry about hygiene or contamination.

Our bespoke asset management tracking system, Enable, allows you to easily manage and track your pallet pool service from start to finish. You’ll also be able to identify where your equipment is at any time, from anywhere. This support will help to reduce any losses and ensure that you’re always in control.

Pallet pooling helps increase efficiencies and can reduce your carbon footprint. Find out more about our sustainability aims here.

Time and Space
When you pallet pool with PPS, we’ll take care of the time consuming tasks so you can focus on your core business. A well-managed equipment pool is built to save you time and avoids the storage issues often associated with purchasing large quantities of equipment.

If you’re a company looking to take advantage of our complete Pooling Service?
Contact us today to find out how we can help your business with our pallet pooling solutions, or call 01283 821 502. Our team is happy to help.

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