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Delivering Value for Sustainability: Reducing Waste with Hydropac


Hydropac are the UK’s largest manufacturer of ice packs, gel packs and temperature-controlled shipping systems and work across the food and pharma sectors.

The Challenge:

Hydropac were using cardboard boxes to transport their ice packs to customers. Due to the volume of their supply using single-use packaging was creating considerable waste. As a company that is keen to support the environment and improve its sustainability, they turned to PPS for a solution.

The solution:

Having discussed the challenge with Hydropac, it was clear they required a complete loop solution that centred around the use of Returnable Packaging.

PPS recommended their pooling service as the most suitable solution for the challenge. This involved utilising our Bale Arm Crate pool to enable Hydropac to access a large quantity of reusable equipment that they can use to send their products through the supply chain. This would give them full control over the equipment they needed; when they need it, where they need it, complete with a hygienic wash service.

This represented a move away from single-use packaging and provided a cost-effective long-term solution that delivered the sustainable benefits Hydropac desired.

The value delivered:

Hydropac has utilised 808,200 PPS trays between themselves and their end-users since commencing the PPS pooling service. By using returnable trays, rather than the equivalent in cardboard boxes, Hydropac has reduced their Co2 emissions by 172,000KG – a 52% decrease in co2 emissions.