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How Dolavs Improve Operational Efficiency: 7 Key Product Features


How Dolavs Improve Operational Efficiency: 7 Key Product Features


Dolavs are a unique storage and transit solution with an extremely broad potential for application in a variety of challenging commercial environments. The robustness in the function of Dolavs stems from several key product features:


  1. Due to the way that Dolavs are manufactured, dolavs can be interlocked together with plugs which allow for the safe stacking of up to 5000Kg. This unique stacking system means that dolavs can efficiently and safely store a variety of materials in the toughest of workspaces.
  2. The Dolav’s provided by the PPS rental service are produced via one-piece injection moulding. This means that the resulting Dolav is completed sealed, which allows for comprehensive cleaning and thus the maintaining of rigorous hygiene standards. Therefore, PPS’ Dolavs are approved for direct contact with food and can be utilised within the supply chains of food suppliers and distributors.
  3. Dolavs are an extremely heavy-duty plastic pallet box. This means that they have a long lifespan even when operating under the toughest of conditions. In demanding production, packaging, and distribution environments, Dolavs are the perfect solution.
  4. A key factor to the long lifespan mentioned above is the fact that Dolavs can be repaired by PPS’ specialist Repairs Team. This means that in the event of a Dolav being damaged when in operation, rather than causing waste and potentially costly replacement fees, broken Dolavs can be quickly and expertly repaired. These good-as-new dolavs can then be put straight back into circulation. This greatly reduces any supply chain disruption that may be caused by equipment failure – which is relatively common when working within particularly challenging sectors.
  5. As well as being a great solution for internal processes, Dolavs are also a great option for improving environmental efficiency. Because Dolavs are robust in design and application, they can be used again, and again, and again… This drastically reduces (if not eliminates) the need to utilise single-use plastics throughout a supply chain. (As previously mentioned, Dolavs are often a great solution for food manufacturers/distributors where the reliance on costly single-use plastics is rife.) Thus, Dolavs constitute a sustainable, reusable alternative to storage and transit methods that are damaging our planet.
  6. The potential use of Dolavs is further extended by the availability of lids. Lids can be easily attached to Dolavs which means that they are incredibly useful mediums of transportation. For example, when in transit, the lid of a Dolav (coupled with its rigorous design) means that materials stored within it are incredibly well protected. This further reduces the chances of materials becoming damaged/wasted when in transit, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.
  7. An additional benefit of the structural integrity of Dolavs is that they can be utilised for waste management purposes – including the handling of dangerous goods, lithium batteries, and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling). Once again, this highlights the variety of functions that dolavs can effectively and efficiently fulfil.


As demonstrated via the key product features explored above, the humble Dolav has the power to revolutionise your internal processes and supply chain management. 


This robust, sturdy plastic pallet box solution can be applied for carriage and storage across a staggering range of challenging requirements and environments. The heavy-duty build of Dolavs means that they are appropriate for use within a range of demanding sectors, such as agriculture, food processing, fishing, recycling and pharmaceuticals.


How Does This Impact Operational Efficiency?


Dolavs have the potential to massively increase operational efficiency as their application:



  • Reduces operational downtime – again due to Dolavs ability to be efficiently repaired rather than being replaced (which, when conducted internally, intuitively involves research, procurement, delivery, and integration).


  • Is extremely broad in nature – meaning if your organisation handles a variety of sensitive products (such as food or waste materials – hopefully not both at the same time) then dolavs allow for the adherence to strict legislation surrounding cleaning and handling. This results in less time required to switch carriage or storage solutions as chances are, a Dolav can handle whatever you throw at it.


In essence, Dolavs improve operational efficiency as they reduce costs, improve internal processes, require less time input (relative to other solutions), and therefore contribute to increased profitability.


Dolav Rental At PPS


To find out how PPS can help your business get its Dolav solution up and running, please get in touch with us today and speak to one of our specialists. 

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