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Returnable Transit Equipment | Pallets, Crates, Boxes, Dolavs - FAQ


Returnable Transit Equipment - Pallets, Cages, Dolavs, Crates & Boxes - Frequently Asked Questions


What is RTE and RTP?
RTE is Returnable Transit Equipment and RTP is Returnable Transit Packaging which are the same thing. These terms refer to plastic crates, boxes, plastic pallets, pallet boxes and metal roll cages or indeed any equipment used to transport goods and which are then returned after use.

Why should I rent Returnable Transit Equipment?
Renting equipment provides maximum flexibility as additional equipment can be ordered as and when necessary. There is no capital expenditure required as there would be for purchases just very economic rental costs. PPS can also manage the equipment to prevent losses.

Renting equipment allows companies to make better use of their resources and focus on their core business whilst PPS takes care of their equipment pool.

What is The Complete Package?
The Complete Package is PPS’s unique equipment supply and management option. We supply the client with an agreed volume of equipment such as plastic crates and plastic pallets. The client then packs their goods into the equipment, dispatches it and enters details on our own online asset tracking system called Enable. We then arrange collection of used equipment from these third parties, return it to one of our wash plants for washing and any necessary repairs and then the system is repeated.

Can I rent equipment for internal use?
Yes we can offer plastic pallets, crates, trays, boxes and other equipment to you on a “rental only” basis.

I have my own equipment but need to have them washed – do you provide this service?
Yes, at both of our sites. We agree the wash criteria with each client before washing – this determines the depth of cleaning required, if there are labels to be removed, does the equipment need to be dry, do you require shrink wrapping of washed equipment etc.

Can you wash large bins, pallet boxes or Dolavs?
Yes, we have a dedicated bin wash line for this.

Do you operate throughout the UK?
Yes, we have a sophisticated logistics network that allows us to operate from the North of Scotland to West Wales to Cornwall (and all points in between).

Your Grimsby operation has traditionally been involved in the fishing industry, but can you service other industrial sectors?
Definitely – we currently offer our services to other food sectors such as fresh produce and meat.

Can you offer your services to industries other than the food sector?
Yes, we provide our services including equipment washing and management to a variety of industry sectors including automotive, retail and removals.

Can I buy used or second hand PPS pallets or crates?
No, these are only used in our pooling system and come in our unique company colours. We can however sell non-PPS equipment.

Can we visit either (or both) of your sites?
Yes definitely. We are always happy to welcome clients and potential customers to visit our wash plants. It is good opportunity for them to see how we operate and all our procedures.

About the BRC Global Standards
The BRC Global Standards are Technical Standards that specify requirements to be met by an organisation to enable the production, packaging, storage and distribution of safe food and consumer products.

Certification to a Global Standard, which is achieved through audit by a third party Certification Bodies, reassures retailers and branded manufacturers of the capability and competence of the supplier, and reduces the need for retailers and manufacturers to carry out their own audits, thereby reducing the administrative burden on both the supplier and the customer.