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Reusable Fish Boxes & Fish Trays

PPS East supply, collect and hygienically wash a wide range of reusable packaging for fresh fish. Our fish boxes, crates, tubs and containers are designed for todays chilled supply chain, and can provide a safe and integrated handling system to support logistics whilst contributing to protecting the freshness and quality of the catch.

We are currently renting and selling fish boxes to:

  • Aquaculture and salmon farms.
  • Fishing agents, vessels, boats and trawlers
  • Fresh fish filleters, producers and merchants
  • Major seafood processors to the Retail sector
  • Wholesale trade
  • Fish auction market buyers

The boxes are used to transport whole fish, fillets, loins and portions through the supply chain by sea, road, or internally between factory areas on conveyors or manually. Responsibility to retrieve the boxes for hygienic cleaning can be done by PPS East at our BRC accredited box washing facilities, and monitored with our online tracking system Enable.

Benefits of Reusable Plastic Packaging for Fresh Fish

Our customers not only benefit from reduced packaging waste and environmental advantages, but also clear cost efficiencies.

These cost savings may include:

  • Lower packaging costs – our boxes can be paid for per use.
  • No capital expenditure required for the purchasing of boxes.
  • Lower product loss due to better handling and less box breakages.
  • Reduced waste management costs – all our equipment is re-used.
  • Reduction in storage requirements at your site as our boxes nest, and can be ordered daily.
  • Higher quality and longer shelf life.

Retailers want to see their suppliers looking at reducing waste packaging within their complete supply chain. Using our returnable boxes and plastic pallets is a great way of doing this, whilst also maintaining the quality and freshness of the fish.

PPS East allows our seafood customers to concentrate on the catching, farming, selling, buying, and processing of their fish – we take care of the monitoring and washing of their fish packaging.

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