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Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset management is the effective control of Returnable Transit Packaging within a supply chain. 

At PPS our management solutions are focused on getting the most out of your returnable packaging.  We use our experience and knowledge to ensure that controls and processes are in place to improve availability, reduce costs, improve service and therefore maximise the use of your assets.

Get the best from your assets!

Our bespoke asset management system, Enable, provides full visibility throughout the supply chain and maximising the availability of your assets by reducing stock holding, minimising losses and reducing misuse. 
At PPS we know that all supply chains are different therefore we will design and implement a management service to suit your requirements.  This can include the following options:

Regardless of whether you already own your own pool of equipment or wish to rent from PPS we can provide a tailored management system to ensure the most effective use of RTP within your supply chain.

Asset Management