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PPS X Meat Business Women


Our work with Meat Business Women

Meat Business Women is a global professional organisation of women in the meat industry who are advocating for change!

We urge all of our employees, both men and women, to join meat business women, as we believe we are stronger working together to encourage more women into the profession.

Laura Ryan and Pamela Brook created Meat Business Women in 2015 as a professional networking group after Laura was astonished by the absence of women in the field.

Our managing director, Joanne Lee, and our marketing manager, Arabella Sayers, attended the Meat Business Women, Power of You conference in London in May, and wow, did we learn a lot.

Starting off on a high note:

Women now make up 33.5% of the meat industry’s workforce.

60% of meat industry workers believe that women’s access to networks and role models has improved since 2020.

Access to job flexibility has grown, according to 50% of people.

The meat industry has made great success in shifting the dial on women’s representation in senior leadership roles since the Meat Business Women Report in 2020.

Women in the meat industry now make-up:

23% of board-level director jobs (up from 14%)

32% of senior management jobs (up from 22%)

32% of middle-management roles (an increase from 29%)

PPS began working with MBW in 2018, and we now have a number of MBW members within our company who have attended some fantastic MBW events year after year.

PPS is determined to continue to work with Meat Business Women to close the gender gap in the meat sector, and we are incredibly optimistic about the industry’s future.

If you want to become a member of Meat Business Women, click here.

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