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PPS celebrate their inaugural ‘Green Week’ event and launch their new Mission Statement


PPS ‘Green Week’ event and our new Mission Statement

PPS celebrate their first ever ‘Green Week’ event, which saw employees complete a number of environmental initiatives in the local community


PPS provide returnable equipment solutions for customers across a variety of sectors, with services centred around making the supply chain more sustainable. With reusable transit packaging offering a sustainable alternative to single-trip packaging, and a repairs service that ensures damaged equipment is reused rather than being condemned to waste, their service offerings tick a number of green boxes.

Despite this PPS Group MD Joanne Lee was keen to ensure that the day-to-day activities within the business reflected the sustainable approach of the services, and initiated an in-house social & environmental team that proposed a number of ways employees could help the business become more environmentally friendly, whilst also supporting our local communities.

After a number of suggestions were put in to practice, such as replacing single-use drinking cups on site with reusable bottles, the team proposed a Green Week that would see PPS employees help their local communities and learn about reducing our impact on the environment from both a business and personal level.


Litter picking, Zero Waste Shops and a new Mission Statement

To kick off the week employees from the Marchington and Grimsby sites undertook a litter-picking activity in their local communities. For the Marchington team, the local town centre of Uttoxeter was the point of focus. Local environmental non-profit The Globe Foundation had alerted PPS to the increased incidence of litter in the area, and the social & environmental team were more than happy to help address the issue. With a number of bags filled and sorted, a similar scene was taking place along the beachfront at Cleethorpes, close to the Grimsby site, as employees dedicated their time to cleaning up the litter in the area.

PPS Green Week

Next on the agenda for PPS Green Week was education. Again reaching out to the experts, PPS completed an educational tour of The Globe Foundation, who provided a myriad of valuable information on reducing our carbon footprint as well as introducing us to a number of their current sustainable projects, such as ‘Sustainable Uttoxeter’. Whilst at The Globe Foundation PPS were also invited to visit their Zero Waste Shop which illustrated the benefits of changing shopping habits on reducing single-use packaging, reducing food waste, and sourcing sustainable and ethical products.

To wrap up the first annual PPS Green Week, the team enjoyed an Earth-themed buffet, with food representing a number of countries shared amongst the group before the announcement of the new PPS Mission Statement:


– ‘To reduce the level of single-use packaging in the supply chain, creating a more sustainable future’ –


PPS Group Managing Director Joanne Lee introduced the new Mission Statement, announcing; “We believe that creating a more sustainable supply chain is our main purpose, and our new Mission Statement reflects our dedication to that”.

As PPS continue to work towards a future where transit packaging is increasingly comprised of a reusable equipment, the focus will also continue on putting in to practice the learnings of the first ever PPS Green Week, and helping our local communities.

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