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PPS Introduces Alison Handling Services


Having recently acquired Alison Handling Services, leading service provider of returnable transit packaging PPS are delighted to introduce the UK’s largest independent stockist of reusable equipment. Whilst PPS has built a successful business on the renting, pooling, washing and management of reusable supply chains, for those customers looking to build their own pools of equipment, AHS have a vast range of products available positioning the group as a one stop solution for Returnable Packaging.
With no minimum order quantities and flexible delivery solutions including next day on request, the vast variety of plastic boxes available enables AHS to support numerous industries at short notice. Their product range includes plastic storage boxes, Dolavs, plastic food trays, plastic pallets and used equipment. Approved by many leading manufacturers from across Europe, AHS have built a proud reputation for servicing the UK with enviable levels of customer service. As a business you want to ensure you buy the right equipment first time. The knowledge provided by the team will ensure you get the most cost effective and efficient storage solution.
Visit to view more of the products available or call them on 01772 687 940.
Did you know Alison Handling also buy used equipment, an ideal way to turn your unused plastic equipment into money.

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