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PPS Midlands was established over 10 years ago to rent, wash and manage returnable transit equipment. Using our expertise we have since expanded to offer a full range of services including sales, repairs and equipment pooling.

Our large site in Staffordshire is equipped with a modern state of the art wash facility where we can wash all types of returnable equipment. The twin track high pressure wash line can accommodate trays, crates and tote boxes of varying size. We also have a dedicated pallet washing machine and bulk bin washing facility.

Accredited to BRC in Storage and Distribution PPS Midlands operates a strict hygiene program including swab tests which are carried out regularly throughout the day to ensure cleanliness. All equipment is then shrink-wrapped after washing before being returned to the customer ready for use.

We also have a separate facility to wash equipment from a variety of industry sectors including retail, automotive and electronics.

At PPS we pride ourselves in providing a hygienic and cost effective wash service for all our customers State-of-the-art Box Drying Facility.  At PPS Midlands we have invested in a box drying facility allowing us to dry all types of equipment if required. This is particularly important for our customers who require the boxes to be dry before putting their product in to prevent damage and contamination.


PPS Midlands is situated in Marchington, Uttoxeter. This central location offers easy access to the Midlands motorway network providing transport links to the whole country. This allows us to wash returnable equipment for a variety of industries including poultry, produce, automotive and retail no matter where they are located.

Services offered by PPS Midlands include:

Please contact us for more information or call us on 01283 821502.


PPS Midlands