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Sustainability Week: Group MD Talks All Things Environmental


PPS Sustainability Week: Group Managing Director Joanne Lee Talks All Things Environmental

Ahead of PPS’s sustainability week, Group Managing Director Joanne Lee shared her thoughts on sustainability, the value of Returnable Transit Packaging and the increasing desire of customers to become environmentally friendly

On the sustainable benefits of Returnable Transit Packaging:

“Sustainability is a core principle for PPS and our products and services are always created with sustainability in mind. Our Returnable Transit Packaging has a positive impact on a business’s carbon footprint in a number of different ways. Our packaging has an average lifespan of 7 years meaning it can be re-used time and again without creating the waste associated with single-use packaging such as cardboard and polystyrene. There is still too much single-use packaging out there and it’s up to businesses like ours to show the industry that Returnable Transit Packaging isn’t just better for the environment, it’s also more-hygienic and cost-effective”.

On PPS’s continued commitment to providing sustainable solutions:

“We’ve made a large investment in our repairs service in recent years, illustrating our continued commitment to providing sustainable solutions. When our products are damaged we repair them on-site to the highest standards, allowing them to be re-used when previously they wouldn’t have been. And if any products are beyond repair we work closely with a leading plastic recycler to ensure that nothing goes to waste. The waste hierarchy is a key part of what we do at PPS so our priority is always to re-use, then repair and finally to recycle. We also provide this service for our customers own equipment to help keep it in their pool for longer”.

On how Returnable Transit Packaging minimises waste and Co2 emissions:

“One thing that is often overlooked with RTP is that the durable and robust nature of our equipment offers increased protection to the products being transported. This increased protection significantly minimises waste caused by damage in transit which can be a real issue within the supply chain, especially in the food industry.

Our RTP has also been proven to minimise Co2 emissions through more efficient transit as it is uniform in shape and stackable. This means you can fill a vehicle to its capacity, potentially reducing the number of required journeys to transport goods”.

On the sustainable evolution of businesses and customers:

“The great thing about many of our customers is that they have a similar mind set to us in terms of sustainability. Most have become more focused on their environmental impact and are increasingly looking for solutions that improve their sustainability.

As sustainability has always been a key driver behind our solutions we’ve been able to react by helping customers remove single-use packaging such as cardboard and polystyrene from their supply chain. By doing so they have also experienced cost-savings, which always helps. Our repairs service has also been incredibly popular, and I think that trend will continue as businesses become increasingly aware of their environmental responsibilities”.

Our Returnable Equipment Solutions are reducing carbon footprints within the supply chain every day. If you’re looking to improve the sustainability of your business then call PPS today on 01283 821 502.

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