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PPS Sustainability Week: Group MD Joanne Lee talks about continuing the sustainable message, consumer behaviour and in-house sustainability


PPS Sustainability Week: Group MD talks all things sustainability

Ahead of PPS’s sustainability week, Group Managing Director Joanne Lee shared her thoughts about the importance of continuing the sustainable messaging at PPS, consumer behaviour and how PPS have looked beyond their services to reduce their carbon footprint and support their local community.

On promoting sustainability and consumer behaviour:

“Last year during sustainability week I spoke at length about the value of Returnable Transit Packaging, and that’s something we as a business will continue to do whilst we believe there is sustainable value that is not being achieved throughout the supply chain.

It’s important to educate businesses and consumers on the positive impact Returnable Transit Packaging can have on their carbon footprint – our crates for example can be reused tens of thousands of times saving the waste associated with single-use packaging. As that crate moves through the supply chain it can be stacked more efficiently, reducing vehicle movements and it also provides greater protection to the contents as it is more durable – again reducing waste. When you consider the variety of industries we work with, and the number of product movements within them, then using Returnable Transit Packaging really can make a huge reduction to the carbon footprint generated in the UK supply chain.

The positive is that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the companies they are using, and this is helping to drive sustainable business behaviour. From our point-of-view we’re fortunate that many of our customers use PPS to help meet their own environmental targets. They are progressively looking for solutions that improve their sustainability and we can help”.

On reducing our carbon footprint and the creation of a Social & Environmental Group:

“Whilst we have always focused on making our services more sustainable, this year we have put more pressure on our in-house actions too. Towards the end of 2020 we created a Social & Environmental Group across the PPS Group, comprised of PPS and our sister companies Alison Handling Services and GW Containers. The purpose of the Social & Environmental Group was to challenge ourselves, and ask ‘Can we do more outside of our primary services to help the environment and our community?’. The group includes stakeholders from all over the business and they’re tasked with generating ideas that would help us become more environmentally friendly, help our community and work with local charities to give back as much as possible.

The group has allowed us to identify a number of ways in which we could introduce more sustainable practices. Some are quick wins, such as supplying every member of staff with a reusable drinking bottle and removing single-use drinking cups, whilst some are longer processes. We’re currently at the start of that particular journey but it’s something we’re very passionate about”.


Our Returnable Equipment Solutions are reducing carbon footprints within the supply chain every day. If you’re looking to improve the sustainability of your business then call PPS today on 01283 821 502.

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