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Plastic Pallet Boxes provide a strong reusable bulk container for industrial and retail use. Pallet boxes are used in the transport and storage of products including; waste management, recycling, food, pharmaceutical, and components.
The resilience and durability of Plastic Pallet Boxes provides a protective container reducing the need for extra packaging. Pallet boxes are reusable making them a much more cost effective solution within the supply chain.
The reusable pallet box is proving to be an increasingly flexible solution for the transportation and storage of goods for a variety applications and industrial sectors. Pallet boxes can be rigid or collapsible and where necessary an insulated double skin pallet box can be supplied where insulation and/or strength are key requirements.
PPS offers for sale both new and used pallet boxes. We also offer pallet box rental solutions for both ad hoc and long term rentals. In addition at both our sites in Marchington and Measham where we have state of the art pallet box washing facilities for our own pool of plastic pallet boxes we also offer this wash service to customers that require a pallet box washing service for their own equipment fleet.
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Pallet Boxes