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Tray Repair

Plastic trays are hardwearing and durable, offering increased protection to the products they are used to transport. However, over time even most robust of Returnable Transit Packaging can suffer from wear and tear and in some cases even damage and break.

Whilst most trays will last years, replacing those that do break can be a costly inconvenience. PPS can help to negate this cost thanks to our tray repair service. Our specialist engineers can repair your plastic trays leaving them good as new and ready to reuse.

Using our tray repair service eliminates the capital expenditure of purchasing new crates, increasing your return on investment whilst also improving your environmental performance by minimising waste. Our tray repair service has already proven popular with a host of customers who share our sustainability values and are looking to reduce their waste whilst also protecting their bottom line.

Whether you rent or pool crates from PPS or are looking for a standalone tray repair service we can help. For more information contact us now.


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