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How Can We Support Your E-commerce Food Business?


Due to the impact of the cost of the living crisis on UK households, many people are choosing not to dine out, and the phrase “there’s food at home” is becoming extremely prevalent. From convenient home meal kits to online food shopping, people are now doing their utmost to cut food costs and reduce food waste with home delivery to avoid overspending in supermarkets and restaurants.

Without the proper equipment, distribution warehouses are struggling to keep up with the increased demand. This is where we can help. PPS provides a wide range of packaging equipment for rent, including crates, pallets, and trays of various sizes and shapes to support your business and produce.

PPS offers a variety of packaging solutions for the food industry, ranging from Bale-Arm food crates to hygienic pallets.

We offer five different services to businesses: washing, rental, pooling, repairs, and asset management, and we can tailor a package that is perfectly suited to the needs of your business.

Supporting the food supply chain.

We recognise the importance of hygiene in the food supply chain, so all of our crates are washed in accordance with BRC regulations. Our crates and pallets are also much easier to clean due to their smooth surface design.

Our state-of-the-art washing facility provides the highest quality cleaning for all types of Returnable Transit packaging. The twin-track, high-pressure wash line can accommodate trays, crates, and tote boxes of varying sizes and provides superior label removal, ensuring you receive clean equipment free of labels from a previous transport.

With our ‘AA’ BRC accreditation in Storage and Distribution, PPS operates a strict hygiene program including swab tests which are carried out regularly throughout the day to ensure cleanliness.

Fully Managed Rental Services

If you need large or small volumes for long or short lease periods, PPS offers a fully managed rental service for a variety of returnable transit packaging, giving you the flexibility to quickly adjust to changing business demands.

Repair services

While Returnable Transit Packaging is better for the environment than single-use Packaging, even the most durable plastic transit packaging can be damaged after years of use. This is where our repair service adds value by ensuring waste is kept to a minimum.

Sustainability focus

Sustainability is at the core of PPS’s strategy. Promoting the circular economy by minimising waste is a large part of that, and one of the key benefits of Returnable Transit Packaging.

Our environmentally friendly food packaging products are specifically designed for multiple trips over an extended life, saving your company money in the long run.

As RTP is now eliminating the use of wood, cardboard, and other fibrous materials to promote good hygiene, PPS is your ideal solution.

If you are looking for a Reliable and Returnable Transit Packaging Solution, get in touch with our team today at 01283 821 502 or visit our website to learn more about our products and services and how we can benefit your supply chain in the long run.

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