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State of the Art facilities for Crate Washing, Pallet Washing, Tray Washing & all types of returnable packaging equipment

We have two equipment washing sites, which are both equipped with modern state-of-the-art facilities.  They both house a number of industrial wash lines with the capabilities to hygienically clean all types of returnable equipment, including bale-arm crates, plastic trays, tote boxes, fish boxes, bulk containers, dolavs, pallet boxes and plastic pallets.

Hygienic equipment washing is an important part of the use of returnable packaging removing all forms of soiling created whilst being transported through factory settings, distribution networks and supply chains.  At PPS the equipment is hygienically washed, QA checked, swab tested and then returned shrink-wrapped and ready for use.

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Accredited to BRC, PPS provides wash services to a wide range of sectors including meat, fish, dairy, retail, bakery and automotive.

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for a copy of our BRC Certificates. 

PPS washes its own pool of equipment and in addition offers contract wash services, washing third party equipment on medium or long-term contracts or even on an ad hoc basis.

The range of equipment washing includes:

  • Plastic Nestable or Bale Arm Crates
  • Plastic Stacker and Nester Boxes
  • Attached lid crates (tote boxes)
  • Collapsible boxes – small, medium or large.
  • Plastic pallets and Insulated tubs
  • Automotive components boxes.
  • Fish market tubs, fish fillet trays, salmon boxes & fishing trawler boxes
  • Bread Baskets

PPS also provides adhesive label cleaning and removal services.

Please contact us for more information on our hygienic wash services or call us on 01283 821502.